MDL-300H / 100S / 200S

Electromagnetic Lock

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Model MDL-300H
Holding Force


Installation Exposed Type
Suitable Outswing door, Inswing door, Drawer and Cupboard.
Dimensions of magnet 166L x 38.6W x 21.5D mm
Dimensions of Armature plate 130L x 32W x 8T mm
Power Input 12VDC
Current Consumption 360mA
Optional Brackets Model
L&Z Bracket MLA-300
Adjustable L Bracket MLA-300L
U bracket for Glass door U-130
Product Photo
Model MDL-100S MDL-200S
Holding Force


Installation Exposed Type Exposed Type
Suitable Outswing /Inswing door Outswing /Inswing door
Dimensions of magnet 250L x 47.2W x 26.6D mm 266L x 73W x 40D mm
Dimensions of Armature plate 185L x 38W x12.5T mm 185L x 61W x 16T mm
Power Input 12VDC 12VDC
Current Consumption 500mA 500mA
Optional Brackets Model Model
L&Z Bracket MLA-002 MLA-1200
Adjustable L Bracket MLA-003 Armature plate (1200LB)
U bracket for Glass door MLA-004 MLA-004