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Monitor, open, operate doors, gates, barriers using call, text or apps

Main features

  • Manual output control by free of charge phone call. Automatic output control in accordance with the scheduled time.
  • Configurable output pulse duration and automatic date and time synchronization.
  • Up to 5 administrators for system configuration by SMS text messages, acceptance of input alarm SMS text messages, output control by SMS text message and free of charge phone call.
  • Internal user database capacity – up to 2000 users for output control by free of charge phone call.
  • User phone number validity limitation in accordance with a set deadline (date/time) or number of rings to the system.
  • Output control restriction for users in accordance with the specified weekdays and time.
  • Event log of 1000 events containing date and time as well as administrator/user phone number and user name who controlled the output.
  • 3 inputs with customizable alarm texts for notification on gate state or in case it gets jammed.
  • Periodic self-test notification by SMS text message to administrator phone number. 
Mã: ESIM120